Chartreuse VEP Juane 1lt
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Chartreuse VEP Juane 1lt

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Chartreuse V.E.P. Extra-aged Yellow Chartreuse. Prickly scents of bramble, fennel, and licorice are followed by a supple sweetness. Palate is floral, with sage, saffron, elderberry, anise, licorice, flowers, and thyme. Finishes elegantly, softer and divinely satisfying.

The reason for the production of this edition was the coronation of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in England in 1953. At this time, the monks chose to reflect their positive experience in aging their liquor for an especially long time by initiating a series of products of aged liquors. The very first Chartreuse V.E.P. Was sold in 1963, and continues to be sold in numbered replications of the bottles that were used for Chartreuse in 1840, including a special wooden box in which they are shipped.