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Duvel's unique combination of refreshing pilsner quality, yet full-bodied and complex flavors similar to an ale, yield a delightful variance of the typical strong ale. Brewed with pilsner malts, Bohemian hops, and a distinct yeast strain characteristic of Duvel, this beer is a Belgian classic.   Still brewed today with yeast cultured from the original Scottish strain selected by Victor Moortgat in 1918. Bottled in a robust brown rounded bottle, the reason for this is to protect the beer from the harmful effects of photo-oxidation. If exposed to sunlight, the beer’s flavor would rapidly degenerate.  The matured beer's most important quality control is still a daily tasting by a team of specialists. Only then, after a brewing process that takes 90 days, is the beer released.

At the brewery, patience and time are essential virtues. This is a beer brewed with the utmost patience and passion.

Drink it with love.