Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Corte Rugolia 750ml

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Amarones are made when the grapes are picked mid September in whole clusters before Botrytis sets in.  The clusters are then placed on drying mats, and their sugar content is carefully monitored while the grapes dry out.  This Amarone, Crosara del le Strie, is made in January when the grapes have lost between 35-40% of their original weight.  It is then aged for 18 months in barrique and 6 months in the bottle before it is released.  The term “amaro” means bitter, but you will see, this full-bodied, velvety, berry-full wine is anything but!    

"Richly textured and deeply intense, this special Amarone opens with layered tones of smoke, cherry, ripe fruit, plum and leather. But, there’s also a focused, pristine quality here that really pulls it all together."

Wine Enthusiast, 92 Points