Andrus Reserve Pine Ridge Napa Valley 2006 750ml
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Andrus Reserve Pine Ridge Napa Valley 2006 750ml

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Andrus Reserve Pine Ridge Napa Valley 2006.  The latest bottling of Andrus is derived from some of oldest vineyards.  It displays a complex nose of black currant, sweet red cherry and raspberry fruit enlivened with hints of clove, toffee and brambly spice.  On the palate, the wine is smooth and elegant, with firm tannins balancing the rich cherry and berry fruit and creamy butterscotch notes contributed by toasted French oak barrels.  The finish is long and graceful, with lingering flavors of dark berries, vanilla and semi-sweet chocolate.  An elegant wine, it pairs well with simply-prepared lamb chops and flavorful cuts of steak like flank and ribeyebut is also great for complementing the flavorful dark meat of game birds or a richly-sauced mushroom polenta.  Enjoy this wine now or cellar it for up to 20 years.