Cavicchioli Sparkling Rose 750ml
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Cavicchioli Sparkling Rose 750ml

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Cavicchioli 1928 Rose Spumante Dolce is made from 100% Lambrusco grapes. In the vineyard, the vines are raised with a Guyot training system, with spurred cordon pruning, on loose mixed soils. In the winery, grapes, harvested between Cavicchioli 1928 Rose Spumante Dolce features, when poured and tasted, white and evanescent foam; fine and lingering perlage; bright and pale pink “candy” color; fresh and fruity aroma; sweet, slightly spicy and aromatic taste with red fruit notes with a lingering aftertaste; alcohol 9.5%. Cavicchioli 1928 Rose Spumante