Chateau De Chasseloir Muscadet sur Lie

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Light in the glass, similar to a Sauvignon Blanc that is citrus on the nose. It is very fresh with a aroma similar to a cool rainy day or perhaps wet hay (musky). Also a little green apple. The attack is creamy with some butter in the mid-palate. The finish shows some good acidic lemon.
This is a very good wine to have with shellfish or other seafood. It is a little heavier than some white wines so it would pair well with fish covered in a sauce. Finishes with a green asparagus note.


What (is) sur lie? 

Sur is the French word for “on” and lie is their spelling for lees, the sediment that settles to the bottom of the carboy during (and after) fermentation. In grape wines it consists of dormant and dead yeast
cells as well as other grape solids including the skin and the seeds. In kit wines it’s almost exclusively formed from yeast, as the kits contain very low levels of grape solids compared to grapes. It was first observed by the Roman historian/logorrhoea-ist Cato, who noted that wines left on their lees developed different flavors from those in wines quickly separated from their sediment.