Von Schleinitz Riesling Estate Dry VS
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Von Schleinitz Riesling Estate Dry VS

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The Hahn family has been in the wine business since 1650. In 1892 Peter Hahn moved to Kobern and started a small winery. In 1956 his grandson Karlheinz Hahn expanded the winery by buying the Freiherr von Schleinitz estate and merged the two keeping the von Schleinitz name. He started to expand the business by being a negociant but developed his vineyards at the same time. Focusing on his own production and quality the negociant part of the business was reduced and eventually eliminated as the estate grew and became recognized for quality. The winery received more and more attention for its quality and achieved a national award in 1979. At that time Konrad Hahn, the son of Karlheinz and now owner of the estate, was already involved with the winemaking and is continuing the devotion to quality started by his father. The quality focus of the winery was confirmed by two additional national awards in 1995, 2001 and 2005. Weingut Freiherr von Schleinitz is certainly regarded as a leading winery in the area. For many years the winery has been recommended by Feinschmecker and is listed in the Eichelman German wine review. Furthermore, Winespectator awarded Von Schleinitz the title Value Winery of the year in 2010. Confirming consistently high quality, the BTI in Chicago awarded the Weissenberg (Kabinett) with: ”Best German Riesling $20 and under” for the vintages 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2012 (wine was not made in 2010). Before working in the winery, Konrad Hahn had gone through internships in estates in Germany and France and received his Master in oenology in 1981. He assumed ownership of VS in 1991, when Karlheinz retired. Karlheinz still worked with Konrad at the winery until two month before his death in 2012. Most recently, in October 2013 VS was ranked 47 among the top 100 German wineries by DLG as Konrad continues the path of highest possible quality set by his father. Konrad also serves on several honorary tasting and review committees.