Zarate Albariño
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Zarate Albariño

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ZARATE is a family-owned estate of 6.54ha divided up into 11 plots located in Meaño, the heart of the Salnés Valley in the Rías Baixas appellation whose poor and well exposed soils are considered the cradle of the Albariño grape. 
The main grape variety is Albariño; however they also grow the indigenous red varieties Caiño Tinto, Loureiro Tinto and Espadeiro.
The estate’s wine philosophy, which adheres to natural viticultural methods for its century-old vines, is that each plot, with the help of carefully controlled yields, should express the true character of its terroir and grape variety. Environmentally-friendly vine-growing methods are practised in the vineyards. Since 1994 all plots have had permanent natural cover crops growing between the rows and therefore no ploughing is done. No weedkillers are used either; and neither do they fertilise the soils with chemically-synthesised nutrients. In 2006 campaign they were granted Integrated Crop Production certification, which is a viticultural system that aims to produce a high quality crop, to ensure economically viable farming, to safeguard viticultural heritage and to protect the natural environment. 
Yields obtained at the estate are 45 to 60hl/hectare, which are well below the Rías Baixas appellation Control Board’s permitted yield of 90hl/hectare.
The harvest is done manually, using small 16kg crates, preceded by numerous ripeness checks on the berries. The aim is to vinify only those bunches which are ripe and healthy. 
Since the 2000 vintage, Eulogio Pomares, Zarate’s viticulturalist and winemaker, has devoted all his time and energies to looking after the estate’s vineyard and producing its Albariño.